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Embedded Systems Consulting and Contracting Services

 With Intel’s introduction of the 4004 microprocessor in 1971, so began the embedded computing industry as it is known today. Computers have found their way into everything from toasters to spacecraft, and they continue to find their way into new and exciting applications every day. Advances in technology, along with their decreasing costs, are opening up possibilities that were thought impossible just a few years ago with devices that consume less power yet offer more features and better performance than those of their predecessors.

 Ellutions can provide you with a broad range of professional, friendly services for designing an embedded system using technology that is the best fit for the application. Whether you need help updating an existing product or designing a new one, contact Ellutions to find out how we can help. 

 Please refer to the services page for a list of the services Ellutions has to offer.

 With over 15 years of industry experience, Ellutions can provide a solid, cost-effective and timely solution that fulfills your project requirements.

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